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Age Discrimination on the Rise in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for above-the-bar-logo-no12.jpgIt is startling to see how prevalent age discrimination is in today’s workplace. Not only has the EEOC reported an increase in the number of age discrimination complaints filed, there are constant reports of age discrimination in the New York Metro Area including allegations that the news director at WPIX, local television channel 11, illegally fired older employees including anchors Karen Scott, Kaity Tong and Sal Marchiano. Other recent cases include Long Island Firefighters filing a class-action age discrimination lawsuit against the Villages of Bayville, Mill Neck and Centre Island for differential treatment regarding benefits. That case was settled and each firefighter in the lawsuit may receive approximately $200,000.00. Previously, Eaton’s Neck in Long Island’s Suffolk County settled a similar case for over $200,000.00. Just earlier this week, seven former Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute employees filed an age discrimination lawsuit against RPI and allege that the layoffs targeted older workers.

Anyone can be a victim of age discrimination – it knows no boundaries as to race, gender, religion, industry or geographic area. Age discrimination can occur at any point in the employment relationship from application, hiring, discipline and termination. Some common examples of age discrimination include –

1. Your prospective employer asks your age on an employment application (it is surprising how many employers still make this mistake and ask this illegal question on the application or during the recruiting phase.) You should refuse to answer this illegal interview question.

2. Your employer lays off the oldest workers solely because the oldest workers are making the highest salaries.

3. Your boss denies an older worker the right to take a training seminar or additional educational courses but allows younger employees or otherwise invests in their future career prospects. This occurs often in the corporate workplace.

4. Your employer does not hire anyone who looks older than a certain age in order to maintain a young hip image. This is a common illegal practice in the retail sector.

5. Your employer bypasses an older employee for promotion and hires someone younger for the job.

6. Your employer fears that older employees may have increased health issues and fires its older employees to avoid increased health insurance premiums and increased health-related absences.

If you or someone you care about has been a victim (or is a potential victim) of age discrimination, call our experienced New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Age Discrimination Attorneys now at (800) 893-9645 to discuss your specific case or send us an email and one our attorneys will respond within one hour.


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