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Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Hand.Discriminating.Gold.Fish.Dollar.Stock.Photo.4.16.15jpg.jpgOur New York Employment Law Attorney has been asked to discuss a recently filed employment discrimination class action lawsuit filed in federal court against Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (“TCS”). TCS provides consulting, technology and outsourcing services. It is one of the largest IT employers in the world and it has approximately 20 offices throughout the country. In short, Steven Heldt, a former IT worker at TSC, is alleging that TCS engages in an intentional pattern and practice of discriminating against individuals who are not South Asian in hiring, placement and termination determinations.

The lawsuit includes the following statistic of the TCS workforce: 95% of TCS’s United States workforce is of out South Asian descent. The complaint further states that this disportionate percentage in the TCS workforce is not consistent with the United States overall average (i.e., 2%) for South Asians employed in the IT field. In addition, the plaintiff alleges that TCS prefers hiring South Asians over “American hires.” Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that one HR manager “expressed his dislike for hiring American workers.” Further, the lawsuit claims that TCS hires many immigrant workers from South Asia through immigration petitions (e.g., H-1B visa). The plaintiff is seeking class action status on behalf of all individuals who are not of South Asian race who applied for positions at TCS and were not hired, were demoted or terminated. The plaintiff claims that TCS’ practices violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

TCS has denied the allegations and stated that it is an equal opportunity employer. It has stated that it will vigorously defend the lawsuit.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Know.Your.Rights.Dollar.Photo.Club.3.9.15.jpgThe lawsuit comes at an interesting time. A similar claim was filed against Infosys last year and some United State Senators have discussed reviewing the H-1B immigration program.

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