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New Jersey based Software Company issued significant penalties for abusing H-1B workers by not paying back wages and trying to enforce unreasonable penalty provisions in employment agreements

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for above-the-bar-logo-no12.jpgPeri Software Solutions, Inc., a New Jersey based IT company, and its President, Sarib Perisamya, were issued significant penalties by the United States Department of Labor for alleged violations of the immigration provisions applicable to H-1B employees. In total, Peri Software and Mr. Perismya received penalties and fines close to 1.5 million dollars for unpaid back wages to over 150 employees. Under the H-1B visa immigration guidelines, Companies can hire foreign workers for limited terms to perform certain professional occupations such as IT programmers, engineers, and physicians. As part of the program, Companies must pay H-1B employees the same wage rates paid to U.S. workers who perform the same types of work or the prevailing wage rate in the areas of intended employment, whichever is higher.

According to the investigation, the Company failed to follow the program guidelines to pay the required prevailing wage to its H-1B computers analysts. Further, it was determined that the Company caused employees to sign under duress employment agreements which included unreasonable penalties if employees left employment. Not only did the Company fail to pay its H-1B employees, it sued them for breach of its unreasonable penalty provisions in the employment agreements. Due to the serious nature of these actions, the Company was also assessed a civil penalty of over $400,000.00 and it may barred from hiring H-1B employees in future years.

It is an outrage that Peri Software and other companies take advantage of H-1B employees who are new to the country and unaware of their legal rights. Our employment law attorneys have represented many H1-B employees to protect their rights and continue their employment without being harassed by unscrupulous employers. Call our attorneys now to discuss how we can protect your job, assert your employment rights and defend you in a lawsuit if your employer is trying to force you a pay penalty for leaving your job. Many of penalty provisions in these types of employment agreements may be unenforceable.


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