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New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyer Update: Con Edison Settles Class Claims for up to $3.8 Million

Sexual.Harassment.Hand.on.Shoulder.Dollar.Photo.Club.9.10.15.jpgOur Award Winning New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyer has been asked to comment on a recent settlement involving Con Edison Company of New York, Inc. The Company has agreed to pay up to $3.8 million dollars to a class of current and former female employees who alleged that they were subject to sexual harassment and/or other forms of gender discrimination. Sexual harassment is wrong and should not be tolerated in the workplace. If you have any questions or concerns about inappropriate activity in the workplace, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

The Allegations

The workers alleged that they were subject to a hostile work environment and faced widespread harassment by male co-workers. The workers claimed that they complained but no remedial action was taken by the Company. Some of the specific allegations of discriminatory treatment include:

  • The denial, delay or less preferential “on-the-job training” as compared to male peers;
  • Female workers were assigned menial tasks and isolated by male co-workers in group work settings;
  • Female workers were refused admission to classes necessary for promotions;
  • Female workers were not provided tools or safety gear in situations where male co-workers were supplied both;
  • Female workers were denied a private restroom, shower, and changing facilities;
  • Female workers were subjected to disparate discipline as compared to male co-workers who engaged in comparable conduct;
  • Female workers were given less positive performance evaluations than their male counterparts for similar work performance;
  • Female workers were denied the opportunity to work schedules with overtime pay despite eligibility under collective bargaining agreements; and
  • Female workers also alleged that they were subject to unlawful retaliation when they complained of discriminatory or harassing conduct.
The Terms of the Settlement

Under the announced terms of the Settlement Agreement, the Company has agreed to pay up to $3.8 million dollars to a group of eligible female workers. The mechanics of the payout will be handled by the New York State Attorney General’s Office and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. According to press reports, the Company has agreed to pay $5,000 to 300 workers and will pay additional amounts to women who were subjected to multiple instances of harassment or discriminatory treatment. In addition to the monetary payments, the Company has agreed to (i) engage an independent consultant to evaluate the Company’s compliance with the settlement terms; (ii) engage an independent equal employment opportunity specialist to develop and conduct employee training; (iii) implement improved policies and protocols concerning the investigation of discrimination and harassment complaints; and (iv) provide training to field supervisors on illegal sex discrimination and sex harassment.

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