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Stop Work Order New York State Workers Compensation Board

NYS Workers Comp Penalty Lawyer

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Penalty.Picture.Dollar.Photo.Club.1.4.16.jpgOur Award Winning NY Workers Compensation Board Attorney has successfully represented businesses who have been issued a Stop Work Order. If you have received such an Order, it is imperative that you take immediate action because your business has been shut down. You must cease all operations even if you file an appeal – by its terms, the Order remains in effect during the pendency of the appeal. The Order is typically placed on the front door of your business by an investigator. It is critical for you to understand your obligations under the law and your compliance requirements. In general, businesses that are issued an Order also face a penalty with a monetary fine, which can be substantial. The Order and fine also can have devastating consequences in other parts of your business. For example, your liquor license may be affected and you could face disciplinary action before the State Liquor Authority. If you are a restaurant or otherwise in the hospitality industry, a suspension of revocation of your liquor license can lead to lost revenue.

Call our office to speak with an experienced NY Employment Law attorney who can help you navigate the administrative process and get you operating again. Read some of our testimonials here. A sample Stop Work Order, in part, is listed below:

By Order of the Chair of the Workers’ Compensation Board of the State of New York, and in accordance with the authority granted under WCL Section 141-a(4)(a), the above-named employer is hereby ordered to immediately cease and desist all business operations based upon the following violation(s): The Employer has failed to secure Workers Compensation Insurance coverage pursuant to WCL Section 50. This Order remains in effect until lifted by the Chair of the Workers’ Compensation Board of the State of New York. In order for this Order to be lifted, the employer must demonstrate compliance with all of the requirements of the WC law by providing proof of coverage and by making payment in full (or entering into a payment schedule or otherwise resolving) on any outstanding penalties and assessments owed. Violation of this Order is subject to enforcement by the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

Dinosaur.Attack.Business.Man.Dollar.Photo.1.18.16.jpgFighting New York State can feel like an impossible battle where you are being attacked by a dinosaur. It doesn’t have to. We can answer your questions. We have helped many small businesses fight back against New York State. Each case is unique. The terms of your notice or Order may vary. Our New York Workers Comp Lawyer can help you understand the process, your rights and options.


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